You’re unworthy to be called father, Nollywood actress fires Yomi Fabiyi


Emerging actress Grace Jimoh strongly criticizes Yomi Fabiyi, her child’s father and filmmaker, for derogatory remarks about their son, Akorede, referring to him as the outcome of a damaged condom.

Yomi faced social media criticism following his assertion that his child with his former mentee, Grace, was an unintended consequence of substandard condoms imported into the country.

The contentious actor contended that low-quality condoms entering the nation contribute to unplanned pregnancies, posing a significant concern for Nigerians.

In response, Grace took to her Instagram page to refute Yomi Fabiyi’s controversial statement about their son, emphasizing that the actor was delighted when she initially shared the news of her pregnancy.

She wrote: “Ngbeke feeling funkky, you wey be say dem suppose carry your head go river go wash off Dey feel funkky, see person wey Dey cry say him don geh one, when I broke the news of being pregnant, can you explain how you were being happy? He is now a product of torn condom??

“Anything for social media validation, or to make me feel bad? Taaaa, I owe my child the best of life even in death, I will do anything in this world to make him happy, don’t worry, I will help you out, it’s just a matter of time, I now see the main reason they ran away with your first child, it really worth it, you are not worthy to be called a FATHER.”