Muslim group threatens nationwide protest over hijab controversy


The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) has threatened to embark on a nationwide strike over the controversy on hijab.

Amasa Firdaus, a graduate of the Nigeria Law School, was denied her called to bar for wearing a hijab to the ceremony.

This had attracted criticisms.

Commenting on the development, NSCIA asked federal government through the ministry of justice to call the council for legal education and the Nigerian Law School to order in order to prevent a religious crisis in the country.

The body also demanded that Firdaus be called to bar immediately and that she should be compensated adequately.

“We stand by Abdulsalam Firdaus Amasa who acted within her constitutional rights and we insist that she must be called to the Bar and adequately compensated for the humiliation she was subjected to,” read the statement signed by Salisu Shehu, its deputy secretary-general.

“Our council patiently waits for what the ministry will do as it puts other options on the table including litigation and nationwide protests.

“There is no doubt that Abdulsalam Firdaus Amasa has been victimized, humiliated and traumatized by the Nigerian Law School, the Body of Benchers and the Council for Legal Education on account of her faith. She has been denied of rightfully joining her professional colleagues just because of her religion. She has been exposed to ridicule and opprobrium by standing for her religious rights.

“It begs the question that she is not the only Muslim lady among those concerned as no one will stand for her when she appears before her creator to defend the correctness and otherwise of her actions. We reiterated that she has not violated any law.

“This is the last straw to break the camel’s back and it will be difficult for the Council to persuade Nigerian Muslims from taking these serial injustices against them again.”