We’re tired of old political cargoes in north – Arewa youths


Youths from the Northern part of the country under the aegis of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum has berated the current political leadership representing the region, saying that they have been disappointing and embarrasing to the region.

The forum made this known at a one-day summit on the north’s democratic future in the year 2023 held in Kaduna State.

Alhaji Yerima Shettima, National President of AYCF, in a statement after the meeting, condemned Northern political leaders for failing to stop kidnapping and banditry in the region, adding that rather than focus on developing the region, majority of Northern governors were ignoring substance and chasing shadows.

He, however, stated that while they had followed old politicians for too long, the youth from the North were prepared to take over politics in the region.

Shettima said: “We are convinced beyond reasonable doubt, that the quality of leadership we have got from the North has been disappointing and embarrassing to the political expertise and integrity that our region has been known for.

“We have for too long allowed old political cargoes to decide or determine who should go for which elective office in the North. The few among them who know what is right get blocked by other governors from guiding the region right.

“The result of this going-with-the-flow kind of disposition of the youth is the emergence of many incompetent old cargoes as governors and few good ones, leading to general backwardness of our region.

“Our plans are therefore in top gear for mobilising the youths of our region to immediately take-over the democratic space from the majority of old brigade and their cronies who have blocked their colleagues who meant well for the region and brought us into the mess we’re in today.

“The spate of killings and kidnappings can be tackled by voting out the current crop of old, weak, pacified and out-of-touch-with-reality political spent forces as governors.

“We, therefore, call on all lovers of greater future for the North to join hands with us in this renewed effort to give the North a more deserved sense of direction. The year 2023 should mark the take-off point of this renewed struggle to dominate the democratic space.”

Shettima stated that it was time to rescue the North from being further taken hostage “by the predatory powers of some clueless governors, who have got trillions from the federation account to deal with insecurity, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment but are focusing on emasculating views against their incompetence in the social media and other mundane issues”.

He also said Northern youth will consult with their counterparts from the Southern part of the country and “seek their blessing for this struggle of emancipation” ahead of Nigeria’s 2023 general election.