“I am back stronger, healthier and well”-Sadiq Daba


Veteran Nollywood actor Sadiq Daba is back in Nigeria!

The actor /Presenter had revealed earlier that his leukemia is in remission, and prostate cancer is not spreading.

Friend to the actor and President of Women Arise, Joe Okei Odumakin shared photos of the actor on her Instagram.

The caption was written by the actor, who said it was so good to be home.

He thanked Nigerians for all of the help rendered, with a special mention to Soni Irabor. He wrote:
It’s soooo good to be back home!! Who else will be there? Who has always been there ? Yes , the indefatigable woman of esteem and high standards, sincerity, honesty ,love, care ,adoration and an Angel……Dr.Joe Odumakin!! I am back stronger, healthier and well….all thanks to the goodwill and kindness of thousands and thousands of Nigerians both home and abroad…. Special mention and lots of love to Soni Irabor, who kick started it all !! I am ever so grateful……..
Sadiq Daba, Friday 29 December, 2017, Lagos, Nigeria.

See the photos and post below:

Sadiq Daba & Joe Okei Odumakin.

Mobolaji Daba,Sadiq Daba, Joe Okei Odumakin,  & Retired Director of Lagos Water Cooperation.

Sadiq Daba & Joe Okei Odumakin.

Sadiq Daba, Joe Okei Odumakin & Samir Daba.

Sadiq Daba, Joe Okei Odumakin, & Mobolaji Daba.