Health benefits of bitter-leaf & why you should start taking it


Many people do not like ingesting anything that has a bitter taste but alas, the bitter things seem to be the most beneficial and this particular leaf gives a sweetness after the bitter taste.

I use to be in this group of people until there was need for me to detoxify my body and Bitter-Leaf was recommended, this prompted me to do a research on this great and effective plant that many people seem to overlook. I hereby, urge readers to make good use of this information and give this plant a trial, so as to get healthful benefits from it.

Bitter-Leaf is a shrub that grows in a tropical climate and it is botanically known as Verononia Amygdalina. Some of the nutrients found in both the stem and leaf of this shrub are: Essential oil, Alkaloids, Ascorbic acid, Chlorogeni, Coumarins, Iron, Minerals, Calcium, Saponis, Terpene, Anthraquinones, Protein, B-carotene, Folic acid Myricetin, Potassium amongst others.

Bitter-leaf did not only help me get rid of toxins from my body through detoxification, but it also helped fill my body with needed vitamins and minerals. Bitter-Leaf can be used to cure Malaria as well as Typhoid fever. It can be used to prevent High blood sugar, therefore, diabetic patients can use it as part of their medication in managing their blood sugar level, but this should be used in moderation because Bitter-Leaf is very potent in lowering the blood sugar level.

Other uses of Bitter-Leaf are: It is useful for toning vital organs, particularly the Liver and Kidney; the importance of these two organs in the human body cannot be over emphasized, they need to be cleaned and toned regularly. It also cures stomach ache, it reduces the risk of cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells, it cures toothache, it gives instant relief to fatigue, it cures insomnia, and it is helpful in treating skin infections such as Rashes, Ringworm and Eczema when applied topically. It also helps in the treatment of Hepatitis B and it is a very potent herb for STDs.

Bitter-Leaf can be squeezed to extract its juice, the stem of the plant can also be boiled and the leaves can be used in cooking.

Periodic intake of Bitter-Leaf will ensure a detoxified and high immune body system which is needed for healthy living. However, pregnant women should not take Bitter-Leaf.
God has indeed blessed us with plants that are within our reach to help us live healthy, no wonder our fore-fathers lived healthy and long even in the absence of modern drugs.