18 Unexpected romantic gestures to thrill your partner


Sometimes an unexpected romantic gestures is all it takes to show someone how much you care.

Whether you’re doing it as a grand affirmation of love or want to give them a simple surprise,  romantic gestures will bring a smile to your partner’s face.

Here are some romantic gestures that would be appreciated by your companion.

  1. Do the dishes or a chore that your significant other hates doing: Find out whatever it is that they hate doing the most and do it for them. Even if it’s just a one time thing, it’ll mean the world that you’ve listened and remembered.
  2. Pick up the phone and give them a call instead of texting them: Have a long drive? Or a funny story about something that just happened to you? Pick up the phone and give your partner a ring. In this day and age, they may be confused that you opted out of texting to actually talk, but they’ll find it romantic when you explain that you just wanted to hear their voice.
  3. Make a plan instead of debating where to eat or what movie to see: Sometimes it’s nice not to think. Plan out a night that you know they’ll love and save yourselves the time and annoyance of picking out where to go.
  4. Put a sticky note on the mirror telling them they look great. Or hide a scrap of paper that has “I love you” written on it in their pocket. It’ll make their day when they see it.
  5. Take them to your favorite places: Show them all the important places in your life, whether it’s the restaurant your family always eats at in your hometown or your secret little spot around the corner.
  6. Tell them something you love about them: If you’ve been together a while, you may think a standard “I love you” is good enough. But putting it in context and telling them the exact things that you love about them will surprise them and let them know you truly appreciate them.
  7. Let them know you’re thinking about them: Our lives are hectic and it’s easy to assume that you and your partner can put things on hold when you’re not in the same room.  The next time you see them, let them know when they crossed your mind that day. Tell them a cute dog that you saw that they would have loved or a song that made you miss them. It will arm their hearts knowing they were on your mind.
  8. Try to read their emotions: The unhappy times may not seem like a time for romance, but it’s actually the best time to let your feelings show. When something happens that you know will upset or anger your partner or you see in their face what they’re thinking, let them know that you have a feeling they’re feeling sad or mad and ask what you can do about it. Nothing is more romantic than knowing them well enough to pick up on these hints.
  9. Bring their favourite dinner: On your way home, stop and get some of their favourite food.
  10. If they’ve had a rough day, surprise them with something nice: Everyone has bad days. Perhaps they had a difficult day at work or received some terrible news. In any case, a beautiful bouquet of flowers or some of their favourite ice cream might make them smile, even if only for a while.
  11. Record a romantic message for them: When they’re not using their phones or aren’t looking, take that as an opportunity to record something sweet for them.

  12. Send a naughty voicemail: Maybe they’re working and you’ve had some free time during the day. Use this as a window of opportunity to send them a naughty voicemail about whatever and tease them. You’ll catch them off guard with this gesture for sure!

  13. Give them a foot massage: Give your partner a foot massage when both of you are relaxing on the couch. You can bring out some oils or even a body cream and run your hands over their feet as you both watch something on the screen. And seriously, everyone enjoys foot massages!

  14. Watch a romantic movie together: Watching movies together much be too overrated, but it’s one of the romantic gestures that never gets tiring to do with your partner. Do this once a month, order takeout food you’ve been craving, and sit back for a movie marathon. Switch off your phones, cuddle up for the evening, and don’t move out of each other’s sight.

  15. Give each other a happy ending massage: Why not, right? It’s a very seductive yet satisfying thing to do for your partner. It’s a great way to enjoy each other’s presence while having a good time.

  16. Slip into bed naked: Slip into bed naked and surprise your partner with your impromptu nudity. Tie a little ribbon around your waist or any strategic locations if you want to be their gift for the night.

  17. Dress up for them: We often act lazy and complacent after being with someone for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up every now and then. Wear that bodycon dress and heels; wear that suit and look nice! They’ll definitely be caught off-guard with this look and appreciate your physical appearance. They might even not be able to stop kissing you!

  18.  Make them their favorite home-cooked dinner