Assets in mother’s name: Nigerians take stand on Achraf Hakimi, estranged wife’s divorce saga, share views with NewsClick Nigeria


Moroccan professional footballer who plays for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Morocco national team, Achraf Hakimi Mouh, shocked his wife and the world at large recently following a divorce application his wife, Hiba About, filed over allegations of infidelity.

36-year-old Hiba Abouk, approached the court to seek the dissolution of their marriage and demanded half of Hakimi’s fortune in divorce settlement, however, it was discovered that he had no assets.

The beneficiary of Hakimi’s salary and wealth is none other than his mother, who has been receiving his wages on her bank account for several years.
The couple’s divorce made the headlines after it was reported that a 24 year old woman had filed a complaint of rape claiming that the star defender raped her after he invited her into his matrimonial home while his wife and kids were away.

On 3 March 2023, Hakimi was indicted by an investigating judge in Paris over an allegation of rape, and placed under judicial supervision. He was banned from contacting his alleged victim but allowed to leave French territory.

Hakimi and his estranged wife started courting in 2018, married in 2020 and have two sons. She filed for divorce in March 2023.


I need time to digest this shock – Estranged wife, Hiba Abouk

In an reaction to the news, Hakimi’s estranged wife, Hiba Abouk earlier in the week said she needed time to digest the shock’.

Despite the rape charges against Hakimi, Abouk said she was calm about the situation, adding that she needed time to process the shock.

Speaking to ELLE, Abouk said, “I am fine. There are days when it is like this, and others in which you’ve to know how to take blows and make decisions, sometimes complicated, and get used to new situations. Who would’ve imagined that in addition to facing the usual pain that a separation entails and accepting the grief that the failure of a family project to which I had given myself body and soul entails, I would’ve to face this ignominy. I needed time to digest this shock.

“When you separate, you restructure your life, but it’s not anything special either: you’ve to take iron out of the matter. It’s true that, with two children, it is emotionally complicated, but I’m not the first and I will not be the last. The important thing is that I have the peace of mind of having tried and having done everything I had to do. There are decisions that cannot be made overnight. For me it’s a premise not to rush in moments of crisis.”


I’m unaware of my son’s actions – Mother 

Meanwhile, Hakimi’s mum, Saida Mouh has responded to claims that her son’s fortune was transferred into her name, saying she was unaware of such arrangement.

She told Moroccan World News that her son did not inform her of such a transfer.

Mouh said, “If he has taken any action to protect himself, I’m unaware of it. What’s the problem if the news is true? If my son does not do this, he will not be able to get rid of that woman [Hiba Abouk].”


…Nigerians react

Meanwhile, the discovery of Hakimi’s assets being in his mother’s name has caused quite a stir and Nigerians are reacting heavily online and offline. NewsClick Nigeria took to the streets of Lagos to ask people’s opinion on the situation.

Mr. Pamilerin, a final year student in a Federal university said, “I feel that what Hakimi did was wrong. Why? A marriage should be an institution that is built on trust. First, Hakimi has broken his vows by cheating on his wife. The wife also went too far by asking for a divorce and she saw it as an opportunity to ‘cash out’. Hakimi, being the husband, is supposed to have his wife as next of kin and beneficiary. The Bible says a man shall leave his parents and cleave to his wife and two shall become one. Hakimi putting everything he has in his mother’s name is wrong.”

Miss Nimota a Masters Degree student in her response said, “I as a woman, I think what the Hakimi did is right. That woman is just a thief. If he hadn’t done that. He would have been broke by now, left penniless with nothing.”

Another respondent who wished to remain anonymous said, ” I think women should learn to do better. Even if you’re going to divorce someone, you don’t have to make away with all of the man’s fortune. A reasonable settlement for your years spent with him is enough. Not requesting for half of his fortune that you didn’t even work for. That is wickedness!”

Mrs Omosola a banker submitted thus: “That woman has done nothing wrong by requesting for half of his fortune. She stood by him and supported him over the years. She took care of him and his kids. There’s nothing wrong with what she did. She is a woman. Women do it everyday, why should her own be different? Besides, in that part of the country, women are respected. They want them to be comfortable after the divorce as it should be.”

Engr. Olumide’s shares his opinion: “Hakimi’s wife should not be given anything, she’s not entitled to any of his wealth. Did she gather it for him? Did she play any of his matches with him? That is just plain greed. Hakimi is a legend, every man should learn from him. Women are not to be trusted.”

A Lagos businessman, Mr Tekome said, “Was there an agreement that he would compensate her if they divorced? Why would she do that? His mother should be proud of him. Like she said, if he didn’t do that, he wouldn’t have been able to get rid of that woman.”


Netizens share opinions on the controversy