[FASHION TIPS] Top 5 fashion taboos that are now in vogue


Fashion is an ever-evolving landscape where rules are constantly being re-written. What were once considered  misstep have become big trends.

Here are five fashion taboos that have made a remarkable comeback and are now in vogue.


  • Socks with Sandals:

Once the epitome of uncool, socks with sandals have transformed into a high-fashion statement. This trend combines comfort with style, allowing for a playful mix of patterns and colors. Fashion influencers and designers have embraced this look, making it a staple in street style and even on the runway. The key to pulling it off? Confidence and coordination.


  •  Mixing Prints:

Mixing prints used to be a major no-no, with fashion experts advocating for simplicity and cohesion. Today, clashing patterns is a sign of a daring and creative fashion sense. Florals with stripes, polka dots with plaids—the combinations are endless.

The modern approach to mixed prints involves balancing the scale of the patterns and sticking to a cohesive color palette to ensure the outfit is striking without being overwhelming.



  • Double Denim:

The “Canadian tuxedo,” or double denim, was once ridiculed for its over-the-top matchiness. Now, it’s a symbol of chic and effortless cool. The trick to mastering double denim is variety in the shades and textures. Pairing a light-wash denim jacket with dark-wash jeans, or distressed denim with a clean-cut chambray shirt, creates a visually appealing contrast that feels contemporary and stylish.


  • Groom’s Ladies:

Traditionally, the wedding party has been divided along strict gender lines, with bridesmaids for the bride and groomsmen for the groom. However, the modern wedding has seen the rise of “Groom’s Ladies”—female friends or relatives of the groom who stand by his side. This break from tradition reflects a more inclusive and personalized approach to wedding planning. Groom’s Ladies often wear outfits that complement the overall wedding palette while maintaining their individual style, adding a fresh and meaningful dynamic to the celebration.

  • Retro Sportswear:

Tracksuits and athletic wear worn outside the gym was once seen as sloppy. However, the rise of athleisure has transformed retro sportswear into a fashion-forward choice. Vintage-inspired tracksuits, branded sweatshirts, and sporty accessories have become wardrobe essentials, blending comfort with a nostalgic nod to the past. This trend is about embracing bold logos, vibrant colors, and relaxed fits, often mixed with high-end pieces to create a balanced look.


Fashion’s ability to turn past taboos into current trends underscores its dynamic  nature. These once-shunned styles now symbolize boldness and innovation, proving that in fashion, the only true rule is to wear what makes you feel confident.