[LOVERS’ CORNER] 11 ways to be an amazing husband


Marriage is a journey that evolves over time, and being an exceptional husband requires continuous effort, empathy, and love.

While every relationship is unique, there are universal principles that can help you strengthen your bond and deepen your connection with your spouse.

Whether you’re about to get married, newly married or have been together for decades, these 11 strategies can help you become the husband your partner cherishes and respects. Let’s explore these key practices that can transform your marriage and make it thrive.

  • Know her love language : Ensure you not only know but understand her love language. Pay close attention to her love language and treat her accordingly. Remember we have five love language which are:
  • Words of affirmation
  • Quality times
  • Physical touch
  • Acts of service
  •  Gifts

  • Never stop dating:

Continue to be the man your wife fell in love with.

Don’t get comfortable.

Boredom is the enemy. Always think outside the box on ways to spice up your marriage.

  • Pursue your purpose:

A man with a strong purpose is unstoppable. Go after your purpose relentlessly

  • Loyalty:

A woman proves her loyalty by staying with him when he’s broke while a man proves his loyalty by staying with her when she’s sick. Never ignore her in her low period especially when she is emotionally down. Your loyalty should remain unquestionable.

  • Be decisive:

Overthinking is unattractive.

Learn to make quick and firm decisions with an open mind for adaptability.

  • Protect and provide: To be an amazing husband, you shouldn’t be a man who dodge responsibilities. Cater for your family need, support your family. You should protect them likewise. You can consider learning some martial arts as well like:




•Jiu jitsu


Be wise with money and have an emergency fund for a psychological advantage.

  • Respect:

Just as respect is reciprocal, partners can have disagreements without losing respect for one another.

  • Communicate effectively: Effective communication is key. Be honest, vulnerable, and don’t play games.

Don’t withhold information from each other. You’re not a mind-reader, just as your partner isn’t. Talk about anything and everything.

  • Listen:

Sometimes the best form of communication is listening.

She doesn’t always need her problems fixed.

She wants you to listen. Do not allow her feel ignored.


  • Shower her with Attention:

Try to notice the little things. This shows you pay attention.

When she feels heard, she feels loved.

The small things are important.


Stay healthy:

Every successful person has high energy.

When you’re healthy, it’s easy for your wife and kids to be healthy. To stay healthy, you can :


-Lift weights

-15k steps a day

-Be highly active

-Eat nutrient dense food

-Eat with moderation


Putting these eleven keys into consideration will help you become an amazing husband