Shigon Threads Launches 2017 Agbada Collection 



Nigerian fashion powerhouse, Shigon Threads, has just unveiled its latest Agbada collection, drawing inspiration from the opulent heritage of Southwestern Nigeria. This collection ingeniously reinterprets traditional attire, elevating it to contemporary style heights.

The visionary creative mind behind this ensemble, Olagbaju Segun Olatunbosun, has masterfully crafted pieces that epitomize timeless sophistication. Each garment is a manifestation of artistic excellence, adding an exquisite touch of grandeur to any special occasion.

Comprising three meticulously coordinated pieces in harmonious color palettes, these creations are expertly tailored from a blend of premium cotton, synthetic fabrics, and luxurious crepe. The designs are then lavishly adorned with intricate traditional motifs. This sartorial masterpiece is not limited by size, offering options for stylish men of diverse proportions, all of whom aspire to exude an air of regal elegance.