10th NASS: Yari writes Senators-elect, urges them to reject religious, tribal sentiments for Nigeria’s unity


Abdulaziz Yari, former governor of Zamfara State, has urged senators-elect for the 10th National Assembly to reject religious and ethnic biases and work for national unity.

In a letter he personally wrote and sent to the lawmakers, the Senator representing Zamfara West Senatorial District implored them not to let their constituents down.

He notably reminded them that the division among Nigerians caused by religious, tribal, and ethnic feelings is a narrative that they must all work together to overcome in order for the country to progress.

Yari, in the letter, said: “I congratulate you all on your well-deserved victory at the polls, it is a testament of your popularity among your people and the confidence they have in you to deliver democracy dividends to them.

“You must, therefore, not disappoint them in any way because your actions, inactions, omissions and commissions may affect them directly or indirectly.

“The division among Nigerians resulting from religious, tribal and ethnic sentiments is a narrative we must all work together to change for the country to move forward. You must all think up ways to work towards building a better and united country to make it safe for all.

“The voyage you are embarking on is a journey for the unification of Nigeria. This is an opportunity to rebuild this country in the interest of all.”

Yari, however, charged them “to use the opportunity of your election to partner Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the President-elect, in achieving the economic agenda of the country in ensuring human capital and infrastructural development of the country.

“You should strive to ensure a smooth relationship between the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary because together in unity of purpose, we can make the country a better place for all and make it march the achievements of advance nations.

“While in the Senate, you should always be reminded that you are indebted to your constituencies and should work towards attracting development projects to your people.

“This, in the first instance, is the reason you are elected to serve, and this is why you need a Senate president that is compassionate, honest, fair-minded and result driven.

“This is the time to eschew religious, tribal, nepotic tendencies and ethnic sentiments in the choice of the president of the Senate, which is first among equals. As I continue to consult on my aspiration to serve you as your president of the Senate, please accept the assurances of my highest esteem.”