Abuja hospital denies harvesting 17-year-old boy’s kidney


A well-known hospital in Abuja, Alliance Hospital, has refuted allegations that it stole a 17-year-old boy’s kidney after his older brother accused the facility of organ theft.

“The accusation is false”, a health center representative by the name of Nafisat told said on Friday.

“The claim is not true. We don’t know where it is emanating from,” she added.

The hospital responded regarding the claim made by an unnamed guy in a widely circulated video that the hospital had taken his younger brother’s organ.

The young teenager who was heard yelling in pidgin English in the viral video claimed his younger sibling was a juvenile and could not give approval for organ donation.

According to him, “This hospital does not have any right to remove a 17-year-old kidney and sell it.

“I am taking this issue up and will report it immediately to human rights officials.

“Did he tell them that he doesn’t have a family before they (the hospital) carried out that operation on him?

“Our parents might have died some years ago, but selling my younger brother’s kidney is not a route for us to get out of poverty.”

The man questioned if it was done the manner the hospital reportedly did in their country.

The man asked whether his brother had even attained the age of 17 while displaying his brother’s scar, which was still bandaged and fresh-looking.