Army urges bloggers to utilize social media to enhance national security


The Nigerian Army has urged social media influencers and bloggers to actively contribute to enhancing national security.

Major-General Bamidele Alabi, the General Officer Commanding 2 Division, Nigerian Army, issued this call during the 31st edition of the Social Media Influencers Seminar held on Wednesday in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Alabi emphasized that the Nigerian Army acknowledges the significance of bloggers and social media influencers as credible partners in shaping the narrative to enhance national security.

He highlighted the ongoing efforts of the Nigerian Army to engage with stakeholders through programs like this.

The theme of the seminar, ‘Emerging Trend on Social Media: Impacts on National Security,’ was deemed timely and appropriate, considering the volatile, unpredictable, dynamic, and fluid environment.

Alabi urged social media influencers and bloggers to utilize their platforms to promote peaceful coexistence in Nigeria.

“The social media platform has reengineered social interaction among peers, businesses, governments and so on.

“Social media platforms are used in advancing social and national insecurity, such as the situation in the northern and southeastern parts of Nigeria.

”Some groups use online media to propagate their agenda, and the general public also uses social media platforms to escalate this propaganda, which sometimes is fake news,” he added.

Major-General NC Ugbo, the Chief of Military Affairs of the Nigerian Army, emphasized that the seminar is an ongoing initiative held in selected towns across the country. Its purpose is to facilitate interactions between the Nigerian Army, social media influencers, bloggers, media practitioners, and the general public.

These interactions focus on determining the most effective ways social media can be employed to bolster national security.

”The platform provided by the social media seminar has afforded the Nigerian Army the opportunity to interact with influencers of the social and cyberspace on how to responsibly use the various assets to foster security and peaceful coexistence,” he said.

He urged the participants to listen attentively, to achieve the aim and objective of the seminar.