Buhari has performed admirably in fight against insecurity– APC Spokesman


The All Progressives Congress (APC) Publicity Secretary, Felix Morka, has stated that the Federal Government of President Muhammadu Buhari has done well in combating insecurity.

Morka, who admitted that the Buhari administration has faced an increase in insecurity in various parts of the country, stated that the government is doing everything possible to bring it under control, just as it did in the country’s North Eastern region.

When he appeared on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Tuesday, he was answering questions about Buhari’s performance in office over the last seven years.

“I would say he (Buhari) has fared quite well (in tackling insecurity) before the next word, for us to understand that in spite of the very best effort of this government, of any government in the world, those who want to do harm would attempt to do harm, now we put them on record when they do harm,” he said,

This government has had to contend with an upsurge of harm perpetrated by those who deliberately, needlessly without any justification try to do us harm.

“You rightly noted that in the North East of Nigeria prior to this government, we had certain places under the command and control of external forces who are not legitimately and constitutionally authorized government of that region, but this government has managed and deliberately with the mobilization of resources pushed back to reclaim some of these territories that were lost to the control of these external forces under the previous government. It is a continuing struggle.”

The APC chieftain also challenged those questioning President Muhammadu Buhari’s assessment of himself in office for the past seven years.

He said that any information the President provides as his achievement should be taken as the official record even if data from the media, individuals or opposition parties are saying otherwise.

“When Mr President speaks and provides information, data, analysis or even a summation or an impression of what he feels his government has achieved that is the official record that is easily verifiable.

“Of course, citizens, whether the media or individuals, political parties or people who are in the opposition have a right to a conjecture, you can’t take that from them, people can develop information and data to challenge official records,” he noted.

Asked about President Buhari’s promise in 2016 to deliver 10,000 megawatts of distributable power in three years which has not been met, the APC Publicity Secretary said only God may be able to deliver 100 per cent of promises made.

“Promise is a statement of aspiration; it is not a divine covenant which even God only may be able to deliver. There is a difference between having a promise of 10,000 megawatts with good intentions and committed energy to make that happen.

“This government is diligently seeking to deliver that promise. At the peak of distribution, we have hit over nearly half of that promise even when it has not been sustained as the president would like,” Morka said.