EXCLUSIVE: How Estate Agent brutally assaulted me, police trivialized issue when I reported – Young Lagos banker



A young female Banker (name withheld) working with one of the leading Teir II Banks in Lagos, has narrated how she was brutally assaulted by an ‘Estate Agent’ she contracted to search for a suitable accommodation for her in Adekunle area of Yaba in Lagos Mainland and how Policemen/women on duty at the Police station where she ran to report the assault, allegedly trivialize her complaint.

Narrating her ordeal in an exclusive chat with NewsClick Nigeria at the weekend, the traumatized female Banker could not fathom why someone she contracted and duly paid for his services to get her a suitable accommodation, could turn around to assault her.

Giving vivid details of how the attack happened, in an emotion-laden tone, the victim said she got a call from the Estate Agent that she should come and check on one nearly-completed building around Adekunle axis of Yaba she could furnish to her taste.

“I never sensed he had ulterior motive and was luring me to a Golgotha to get me assaulted because we had both, earlier on two occasions, gone to check on two properties I wasn’t impressed with”.

This particular building is completed but the inner finishing would have to be done by the occupant….all the doors have been fixed, POP (Plaster of Paris) done, except some other fittings and finishings like; the kitchenette, wardrobes among others….we had checked the living room, kitchen area, the store and one of the rooms, just as we moved to the second room, as I was looking through the window to view the neighborhood, I heard the door locked….just as I turned and said why have you locked the door, he landed a hot slap on me that threw me off balance….

“In that moment, the lady Banker continued, all manner of thoughts ran through my head…that I could easily get strangled here and my body dumped somewhere and no one will know my whereabout because I did not inform anyone where I went. I started pleading with him not to assault me….he took off of his trouser; pulled my hair violently to hit me on the ground I staggered and dropped on my knee, he charged at me as I knelt…..he  pulled off his trouser and as I struggled with him, he thrust his manhood in my mouth; rough handled me as I almost choked….in the process, he splashed semen all over my face, my hair, my body…..

To escape from him and the trauma he was inflicting on me, I told him what if we checked in, in a nearby hotel to be together, he agreed and opened the door….that was how I slipped away from him and ran to a nearby Panti Police Station in Adekunle, Yaba to report the assault I’ve just suffered….only to reach the Police station and as I was narrating my ordeal to have it on record, the Policemen and women on duty at Panti burst into laugher and were making jest of me…

They trivialized a brutal assault on my person by a Pervert that is not meant to live in the midst of decent community…. some of the police folks were saying stupid things like….”Oh would you say you did not ‘enjoy it’…..and I was wondering if this is how law enforcement agents were suppose to behave and take a s*x assault case lightly on an innocent citizen?

“Or is it a sin to be single and look for accommodation to live a decent life, she asked rhetorically?

When asked what steps she took after the assault and her encounter and experience at the Panti Police station where she went to lodge her complaint, she said she left the Police Station and went home….” even in the bus I took home, co-passengers could sense something was wrong with me, I got home exhausted; drag myself to the bathroom, clean myself and had some hot water to gaggle my injured throat ….and for over a week, I was not myself and could not step out of my home…..that image of the assault, kept flashing in my head….believe you me, I suffered.”

“And that was the last time I saw the Estate Agent…. I knew I would not get justice, if a police station that is supposed to be a sanctuary, could treat someone that was s*xually assaulted in such casual manner; where else could I have reported the case? So, I left everything in the hands of God and will only advise young ladies out there NEVER to go inspecting accommodation with Estate Agents, unaccompanied so they don’t fall prey to Perverts and rapists who masked their evil intentions as it happened in my case”.

Efforts by NewsClick Nigeria to reach the Estate Agent and Divisional Police Officer of Panti Police Station was unsuccessful as at press time.


NB: NewsClick Nigeria is currently engaging and encouraging the young female Banker assault victim to report the incident with relevant NGOs/Law Firms and possibly Law enforcement agencies to track, arrest and prosecute the Estate Agent while she seek help of qualified Psychologist and possibly undergo therapy to wean her off the trauma she suffered during and after that attack.