Fake UN doctor arrested in Abuja


At the National Hospital in Abuja, an impostor named Obiako Chukwuemeka who was posing as a humanitarian assistance and a doctor working with the UN was discovered and turned over to the police. 

According to a reliable source within the Federal Capital Territory Police Comman, Chukwuemeka, whose origin and age are now unclear, has been imprisoned pending his arraignment.

The source said, “The National Hospital Abuja, handed over a fake doctor, one Obiako Chukwuemeka who disguised as a UN doctor on humanitarian aid, to the police at Central Police Station on Thursday.

“He is currently in our custody, and will soon be charged to court.”

This comes after the FCT Minister, Muhammad Bello, claimed that traders, beggars, and tourists from neighboring states were responsible for the security breaches in Abuja and threatened to expel them.

“The Security agencies in the FCT have up their game. People who have no business being here, are being sent away. Some of them come under different guises such as begging, street trading, among others. They usually come from neighbouring states and are causing security breaches here. That is why we have decided to send them out.” Bello said in a statement on Friday, August 26, 2022.

The G-7 Joint Security Operation, which is currently being revived, has received support from sister security organizations as well as the Commissioners of Police in the member states, according to Sunday Babaji, the FCT Police Commissioner. They have all agreed that it is necessary to jointly flush out these criminals.

He disclosed that all criminals under its purview would shortly be pursued by the security authorities, who have accumulated useful and actionable intelligence.