[FOODIES’ CORNER] Healthy delicacies to try out this Easter


This Easter period, you might be wondering what to make, especially if you’re hosting a family or having friends around. Enhance the Easter spirit with delectable meals. You want dishes that will keep your family and friends talking about Easter for a long time.

Even if it has been said that some customs are connected to the meals to prepare on Easter Day, you can still make sure your custom is present in every meal you create. NewsClick Nigeria has made it easy for you and have compiled a list of some of these meals, along with instructions on how to prepare these recipes.

Although these dishes are not very uncommon, these delectable meals will keep your family and friends talking about Easter at your place for a very long time.

Fried rice

This meal is a favourite Nigerian meal recipe practically found in all homes in Nigeria. Fried rice which is not peculiar to Nigerians alone is mostly served during special occasions and social events, one of such is Easter.  It belongs to no particular tribe in the country, and it’s accepted by all. Fried rice is often served with chicken but can be enjoyed with vegetables, salads, fried or roasted fish. Click here for recipe.

Pounded yam and Efo riro

Pounded yam happens to be one of the most popular ‘swallows’ consumed in the country with some pretty much delicious and tasty soups such as Efo riro, Ogbonno, Egusi, Nsala etc. Asides from the stress and bit of hard work that accompanies this meal, its one meal that one would ordinarily want to take every now and then. Click here for recipe.

Goatmeat Peppersoup

If it rains during Easter, it would be absolutely perfect because one, You can sleep in cozily and two, It’s a great time for Goatmeat Peppersoup. Guest would love it, you would love it! Apart from the messy business of cleaning catfish, the rest of the cooking should be fine. Click here for the recipe.

African Salad (Abacha)

Your Easter is definitely not complete without a taste of the delicious African salad. Made with cassava, pepper and palm oil, this meal is a typical Nigerian meal you can’t afford miss out on. Click here for recipe.

Yam Porridge

Yam porridge can be tasty either dry or watery and might be exciting to have it as the Easter meal. Click here for recipe.