Gov Lawal declares State of Emergency in Zamfara Health Sector


Governor Dauda Lawal has declared a state of emergency in Zamfara’s health sector, promising to restructure the state’s healthcare system.

In a state-wide broadcast on Tuesday, the governor decried the deteriorating circumstances in Zamfara’s hospitals. The pronouncement came following an unplanned visit to Gusau General Hospital in the state capital.

According to him, the hospitals required immediate action due to the terrible condition of their facilities, equipment, and employees. As a result, a state of emergency was issued in the industry.

Governor Lawal expressed concern over the poor conditions that patients were experiencing in hospitals and highlighted steps of intervention by his administration.

“On Sunday,  January 28, 2024, I made an unscheduled visit to  General Hospital in Gusau to assess its condition. I was shocked and worried by the unhealthy and poor environment that patients seeking medical attention were exposed to,” he said.

“It is not just the infrastructural decay that is affecting the health sector in Zamfara State, but the working condition of the healthcare service providers and their welfare is also of great concern.

“The disturbing condition of the healthcare facilities across the state is why this prompt action declares a State of Emergency in the health sector. As a responsible government, we are taking urgent steps towards intervention.

“My campaign manifesto highlighted the crucial healthcare issues that Zamfara State faces. These issues are paramount to the welfare and progress of our citizens. I am dedicated to addressing them with the utmost urgency and attention they deserve.

“The health sector in Zamfara is suffering from multiple issues, including poor funding and quality of healthcare delivery, ranging from infrastructure to medical services. Many lives were lost due to this. I am declaring today that we will not continue like this.

“To revamp the health sector in Zamfara State, my government will commence the following interventions: We will improve the quality of all general hospitals through massive infrastructural development, providing State-of-the-art medical equipment, and establishing standard laboratories for proper diagnosis.

“We will provide free Maternal and child healthcare to reduce maternal and child Morbidity and Mortality. We will give special attention to Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in providing standard primary healthcare delivery to remote communities.

“We will develop a plan to enhance the well-being and welfare of all healthcare service providers in the state. We will establish an affordable and comprehensive health insurance scheme, providing access to quality healthcare services for all citizens of Zamfara State.

“We will distribute the necessary equipment and essential medicines to all hospitals across the 14 local government areas. We will strengthen the emergency response and reposition the human resources for health structure.”