How dearth of medical doctors is affecting quality healthcare delivery services in Lagos – Commission


The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi, has revealed a critical shortage in the state’s healthcare system, stating that Lagos needs 30,000 medical doctors to meet its healthcare needs.

Speaking at the 2024 Clean-Air Forum in Lagos on Wednesday, Abayomi highlighted the severe understaffing and its impact on the healthcare system.

“The dearth of medical doctors in Lagos has overstretched the available officials, making it challenging to bridge the gap in the available doctor-to-patient ratio,” Abayomi stated, pointing out that the scarcity of medical professionals has led to an overworked and overstretched workforce. He noted that “brain drain has significantly contributed to this personnel deficit.”

Abayomi emphasized the urgent need for inter-agency collaborations to address the crisis, particularly given Lagos’ annual population growth rate of 6-8%. He mentioned that this rapid growth poses significant challenges, including a complex tuberculosis index, which the state is actively working to address.

The commissioner also stressed the importance of promoting air quality and halting environmental pollution, calling for collaborative efforts from various agencies. “We will continue to support every effort to improve air quality, reduce airborne and waterborne diseases, and enhance the health and well-being of residents,” he assured.

In response to concerns about the shortage of bed spaces in state health centres, Abayomi said, “We are working to address this issue by constructing modern facilities and establishing a medical research institution, which will bridge the gap within 18 months and provide improved services to the public.”