How I was prevented from entering Osun, stoned, cursed for four years – Aregbesola


Former Interior Minister Rauf Aregbesola has described how he was supposedly barred from entering Osun State for four years after his term as governor expired.

He stated that he chose not to fight because religion and tradition educate him to fight carefully.

The former Osun governor spoke at a colloquium in Osogbo organised by Comrades of Rauf Aregbesola (Cora) to commemorate his 66th birthday.

He said despite the stone hauled at him, insults, and curses for four years, he was overwhelmingly received by the market women and people of the state.

“We did not neglect any areas or individuals in Osun when I was in government. When we left Osun on November 27, 2018, they prevented us from entering Osun. For four years they even hauled stones, insults, and curses at us.

“We came back home to Osun and we are well received now, God should be praised. We came into the state through Ilesha to Osogbo where every resident were praising me. The market women received me so well, they sang and left their goods to follow me.

“We can’t have God, and people, and still live in fear. If anybody has the two and still lives in fear, something is wrong with such an individual.

“My mother’s maiden name is Aduroja (wait to fight). The grandchild of Aduroja can’t see war and flee. But religion and culture taught us to fight carefully as we age, and that is why we are dropping war. Those that lied against us, those that pitched tent against us for survival sake and others, let us come together for reconciliation,” Aregbesola added.

Speaking with newsmen after the programme, he said, “We are doing our best to ensure that the party holds itself together and consolidates our strength for reflective party mobilization and advancement.

“All I know is that the party has the potential for greatness but there is a need for consolidation, that is all I have been preaching and advocating. I believe those who are ready, who are willing to have the party properly positioned for political work will heed our word for effective consolidation,” he said.