I’m building three vocational cities in Kaduna to export kills – Gov Uba Sani


Kaduna State Governor Uba Sani has revealed his plans to construct vocational and skills acquisition centers in each of the state’s three senatorial zones.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily on Wednesday, Governor Sani stated that he is developing the cities to provide natives of Kaduna State the kind of abilities that will enable them to find work both domestically and abroad without necessarily needing a college degree.

“We looked at the issue of education in Kaduna and we believe we are having deficit in terms of skills. A lot of projects have been done in Kaduna in recent years but most of the people that work most of the areas, welding, carpentry, even little things like tiling, POP and others are being done by people who are not from Kaduna because we have deficit in skills.

“The world has changed right now; you have to stop thinking that you must be a graduate to get a job right now. A lot of graduates are roaming the streets, but we feel we need to give them skills so that they can be more productive and can be employed not only in Kaduna but other parts of Nigeria and even abroad,” Governor Sani said.

“Some countries are exporting skills to other countries and because that is what the world is turning into now. So, I have been building three major vocational and skills acquisition cities, not only just a school, but a city where we are partnering with the NBT and one of the leading skills acquisition agency in Morocco.”