Israel to reopen schools following Iran attack


The army said that schools across Israel would resume on Monday, after being ordered shuttered due to Iran’s unprecedented aerial strike over the weekend.

Iran launched more than 300 missiles and drones against Israeli land on Saturday night, with the great majority intercepted by Israel and its allies, according to the IDF.

The strike, which has stoked concerns of an all-out conflict between Israel and Iran, killed no one, but injured 12.

Following a “situational assessment,” the military stated in a statement early Monday, “it was decided to resume educational activities throughout Israel.”

The statement stated that educational activities will resume with limits along the northern border with Lebanon and near the Gaza Strip. Additionally, prohibitions on large gatherings will be lifted in most areas.

Tehran’s attack on Saturday was in retaliation for an air strike — widely attributed to Israel — that destroyed an Iranian consular building in Damascus and killed seven Revolutionary Guards, including two generals.