King Charles’ cancer discovered early- UK Prime Minister


The UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak on Tuesday said King Charles III’s cancer was discovered early.

Sunak mentioned this on BBC Radio 5 on Tuesday, discussing the king’s cancer diagnosis.

He, however, stated that he was “shocked and scared” to hear the news.

“Thankfully, this was caught early,” he said.

Buckingham Palace, in a statement announced on Monday that Charles had been diagnosed with a form of cancer.

The announcement was made after the King visited a London hospital last month for a corrective procedure for an enlarged prostate.

The statement read, “During the King’s recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate issue of concern was noted.

“Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer,” the palace said in the statement.

According to Buckingham Palace, the cancer was discovered during the king’s hospital stay for a benign enlarged prostate when a “separate issue of concern was noted.

Buckingham Palace, however, did not give details about the type of cancer but it specified it was not prostate cancer or what stage it is in.

The king began treatment on Monday, leading to the suspension of his public engagements, as announced by the palace.

Other royal family members, including Queen Camilla and Prince William, are expected to assume his responsibilities.

“Charles is expected to “continue to undertake State business and official paperwork as usual,” the palace said on Monday.

Sunak also disclosed that he “will continue to communicate with [Charles] as normal” and “we’ll crack on with everything.”