Niger President Mohamed Bazoum ‘detained by guards’


Niger President Mohamed Bazoum is being held by members of the Presidential Guard who have been handed a “ultimatum” by the army, according to a source close to Bazoum.

Disgruntled guard members blocked entry to the president’s apartment and offices, and after talks failed, “refused to release the president,” the source claimed, adding that “the army has given them an ultimatum.”

In a message on Twitter, which is being rebranded as X, the president’s office said “elements of the Presidential Guard (PG) had a fit of temper… (and) tried unsuccessfully to gain the support of the national armed forces and the national guard.”

“The army and national guard are ready to attack the elements of the PG who are involved in this fit of temper if they do not return to a better disposition,” the presidency said.

“The president and his family are well,” it added.

Bazoum was democratically elected in 2021, taking the helm of one of Africa’s poorest and most coup-prone countries.