NSIB report reveals landing gear failure in Dana Air incident


The Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB) has issued a preliminary report on the incident involving a Dana Air aircraft at Lagos Murtala Mohammed Airport on April 23.

The aircraft, which had departed from Abuja, veered off the runway while attempting to land, leading to the immediate suspension of the airline’s operations by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority.

Although there were 82 passengers and 6 crew members on board, no injuries or fatalities occurred.

The preliminary report released on Saturday attributed the incident to a failed Nose Landing Gear. The report stated, ““prior to landing, the crew selected the landing gear down, and the Main Landing Gear Indication Lights displayed green. However, the Nose Landing Gear (NLG) Indication Light remained red.

“The crew followed established procedures by attempting to cycle the landing gear and performing the Emergency Gear Extension checklist. Unfortunately, the NLG remained in an unconfirmed down and locked position.

“During a low pass over the airport, Air Traffic Control (ATC) reported that the NLG appeared extended visually.

“Upon landing, the Ground Spoilers did not deploy automatically as expected.

“During the landing roll, the crew experienced severe vibration and loud noises from the NLG area. The NLG initially remained extended but ultimately collapsed at approximately 80 knots.

“The Captain ordered an evacuation due to safety concerns. Passengers and crew exited safely using the Forward Service Door and deployed escape slide.”

The NSIB emphasized that this is a preliminary report and that the investigation is ongoing.

The bureau stated that it will continue to gather and analyze evidence to determine the cause of the incident.

Following the Dana Air incident, the runway at Lagos airport was temporarily closed but was reopened several hours later.