Ondo PDP urges Akeredolu to caution amotekun officials


The state security agency network, also known as Amotekun Corps, has been brought to account for alleged professional misconduct of some of the corps’ employees by the Ondo State branch of the Peoples Democratic Party.

The PDP said that Amotekun employees had recently violated their professional ethics in their activities in a statement released by its publicity secretary, Mr. Kennedy Peretei.

The PDP referenced the reported killings of two people in the state, including a teenager, in a statement titled “Akeredolu needs to call Amotekun to order.”

In a statement titled, ‘Akeredolu needs to call Amotekun to order’, the PDP cited the alleged killing of two persons in the state, including a teenager.

The statement read, “In the last two weeks, the excesses of the Ondo State Security Network, popularly known as Amotekun, has drawn tears from the eyes of several families in Ondo State.

“In the month of May alone, Amotekun has been responsible for the death of two persons- a final year Economics student of Federal University of Technology Akure, and a 14- year old boy who the stepmother handed over to Amotekun for ‘more punishment’ for allegedly stealing N500.

“The initial excitement and hope that Amotekun corps will be an effective check on herdsmen and kidnappers rampaging the forests and streets of Ondo State have paled into frustration and misery. This series of killings by a security outfit of government, maintained with public funds is to say least, very devastating. The families of the deceased are crying for help and calling for justice. Only God knows, if help will ever come their way.”

However, the opposition party said there was the urgent need to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incidents in question.

“The government must ensure that this investigation is carried out by an independent body, free from any potential conflicts of interests. Hold all individuals involved accountable for their actions if found responsible for the unnecessary loss of life. This should include a fair legal process and appropriate disciplinary measures.

“It has also become necessary to re-assess and enhance the training programs provided to the members of Amotekun, emphasise the importance of de-escalation techniques, human rights and community engagement to prevent future occurrences of excessive use of force. There is a need to improve transparency and accountability mechanisms within Amotekun, establish robust systems for monitoring and reporting incidents of misconduct, and provide avenues for the public to voice their concerns and file complaints against any misconduct they witness.

“The people deserve a security force that upholds the principles of justice, respects human rights, and operates with the highest level of professionalism .We cannot allow Amotekun to continue to take laws into their hands and expect that the people will not resist them. It is only a matter of time.

“The tears from the eyes of the families of the victims should not be allowed to dry before they get justice. No society can run freely on indiscipline, recklessness and lawlessness, ” the statement submitted .