‘Osinbajo one of Nigeria’s most effective VPs’ – Gowon


General Yakubu Gowon, a former Head of State, has praised Yemi Osinbajo, calling him one of Nigeria’s most effective vice presidents.

Gowon spoke at the virtual launch and unveiling of a book called “Osinbajo Strides: Defining Moments of an Innovative Leader”.

“Vice President Osinbajo is known for his collaborative approach to governance which has enabled him to work effectively with different stakeholders in achieving common goals. As you all know, Vice President Osinbajo has been at the forefront of ground-breaking initiatives that have transformed Nigeria’s economy and its people,” he said as the chairman of the Monday event, according to a statement from Osinbajo’s aide Laolu Akande.

“The Vice President has always exhibited a passion for innovation and commitment to the development of Nigeria. Prof. Osinbajo is one of the most effective vice presidents Nigeria has ever had. And that is why I said congratulations to this government. The vice president has put in a lot of effort with the kind of work he’s done.”

In his speech at the event, the VP described public service as a lifelong endeavour.

He said: “public service for all of us who love this nation and its peoples unconditionally only terminates when we die. Our country deserves our commitment and service. And I commend you all, compatriots in the public service, especially those who are not public servants, and social activists for your steadfastness through the years.

“As we march on towards a new Nigeria, we must not give up. So, I would want us to leave this event with a paraphrase of what Chimamanda said a few moments ago ‘we who love this country must not give up because love is persistent.’”

Osinbajo equally used the occasion to reflect on his eight-year stint as Nigeria’s number two.

“I am deeply grateful to my team of advisers, and assistants and the strong civil service team that supported me these many years,” he noted.