[PHOTOS] Jonathan visits flood victims in Bayelsa


Former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has appealed for help for flood victims in several states across the country, killing hundreds and destroying property.

The former President in a statement released by his office on after he visited Otuoke, his community and other affected areas in Bayelsa State, lamented that this year’s heavy flooding resulted in an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in most affected states, adding that the situation required urgent action and collaboration by all stakeholders.

Jonathan noted that many states are now helpless, including Bayelsa, his home state with more than 70 per cent of its land area already submerged.

The former president said: “I sympathise with the victims of this year’s flood across many states of the federation who have lost loved ones and properties worth millions.

“The worsening humanitarian crisis in the affected states calls for urgent action and collaboration by all stakeholders.

“I am touched by the dire situation in some of the affected states, especially my home State Bayelsa where almost all the local government areas are submerged in water and the East-West Road section leading to the State has become impassable, creating scarcity of food and essential commodities.”

He added: “Today, I visited Otuoke, my community and a few other communities in Bayelsa State to assess the impact of the flood. It is still a depressing situation in many of the affected communities because of the magnitude of the flood and the disruption and destruction it has caused.

“This is a moment of crisis; we need to work in unity to achieve the goal of giving hope and providing succor to all victims. I urged all citizens of goodwill and humanitarian agencies to demonstrate solidarity with these victims and provide support to those affected.”