Police arrest two friends for having s3x inside church in Borno


Borno state police operatives apprehend two friends (a male and a female) for having sex within a church premises at the Police College’s All Denominations (ADC) Church in Maiduguri, the state capital.

According to sources, the suspects were apprehended during the incident around 11:40 am on Monday, February 12th.

Reverend Danjuma Adamu, the overseeing clergyman, informed the Police Investigation Team at the Metro Divisional Police Office that the apprehended friends were having sex inside his church.

Reportedly, Reverend Danjuma Adamu informed the police that “after the act, Khadija said Kaka Ali paid her N1,000 for a short round”.

A security source closely involved in the ongoing investigation, but not authorized to speak to the press, stated that the two suspects are currently under investigation at the Metro police station. Subsequently, the case will be forwarded to the relevant authorities for further investigation and prosecution.