Security threats: Lagos CP, Alabi, denies partial lockdown


The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Alabi, has said in line with the prevailing security threats in the country, policemen have been deployed to man the entry and exit points of the state to prevent crime from happening.

Alabi told newsmen that the police officers stationed at the state’s exit and entry points had been instructed to conduct stop-and-search operations.

He stated that the move was part of the command’s proactive measures to protect lives and property in the state by providing adequate security.

He, on the other hand, refuted reports that Lagos State had been placed on partial lockdown due to security threats.

Alabi said, “It is just stop-and-search which is just preventive measures. It is just proactive and preventive measures because of the prevailing security situation in the country.

“We were advised to put in place preventive and proactive measures, so, partial lockdown where, we are just doing our normal stop-and-search to prevent crime, and it is at the entry and exit points and not that Lagos State is on partial lockdown.

“Where is a partial lockdown? is there anything like partial lockdown? it is just stop and search as preventive measures.”