Soludo upset over violation of Anambra Burial Law in Ezeife’s funeral


The governor of Anambra State, Chukwuma Soludo, is upset about the violation of the state’s burial regulations during the funeral service of former governor Chukwuemeka Ezeife.

Ezeife was buried in Awka on Saturday, following a funeral service attended by Soludo and other dignitaries.

However, during the funeral service, Soludo expressed concern about the violation of the state’s burial law, which was implemented in 2019 and prohibits the erection of billboards, posters, or banners honouring the departed.

“And I will not leave here without mentioning this: when I stepped in, I saw  brochure being distributed. I don’t know who printed it, but that is the low point of the event because that’s a breach of the law.

“And I know the Okwadike [Ezeife] that we have come to celebrate would not have permitted it if his opinion was sought. Brochure, all this funfare, all these things that make burials and so on very expensive, the Anambra Burials Law that was passed three years before I became governor [forbids it]. I didn’t pass it. It’s been there. It is the law,” he said.