[VIDEO] Naira Abuse: I’m not guilty – Cubana Chief Priest tells court, grants N10m bail


A Businessman and Socialite, Pascal Okechukwu Popularly referred to as Cubana Chief Priest, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday at the Federal High Court in Lagos regarding allegations of tampering with and abusing the naira.

Cubana Chief Priest stood trial before Justice Kehinde Ogundare of the Federal High Court in Lagos, facing three charges related to the misuse of the national currency. The allegations include spraying and manipulating the nation’s currency during a social gathering, which violates the Central Bank Act of 2007

He was accused of abusing the naira on February 13, 2024, at Eko Hotel.

Cubana Chief Priest was said to have also committed the offences while dancing during a social event.

Allegedly he tampered with funds by spraying CBN-issued N500 notes for a duration of two hours.

Federal High Court Justice Kehinde Ogundare in Lagos State has however approved bail for businessman and socialite Pascal Okechukwu, also known as Cubana Chief Priest, setting it at N10 million with two sureties of equal value.