Wigwe University tuition: N22.4m annual fees revealed


Nigerians are grieving the untimely loss of the visionary banker, Herbert Wigwe, who tragically passed on  in a recent helicopter crash in the USA.

Nonetheless, a lot of people are unaware that the banker who oversaw Access Holding as CEO also founded a university. Perhaps the institution he was constructing in his hometown of Isiokpo, Rivers state, is a testament to his enthusiasm for high-quality education.

NewsClick Nigeria gathered that in 219 days, Wigwe University will open for the 2024/2025 academic year.

Enrollment in Wigwe University’s College of Arts comes with a fee of $12,000 (N17.9 million) per session, covering accommodation and additional charges. For the College of Engineering, students will be charged $15,000 (N22.4 million) per session. The school fees remain consistent for students in the College of Management and Social Sciences.

According to Wigwe University’s website, students enrolled in the College of Science and Computing are required to pay $15,000 (N22.4 million) per session.

The university comprises the College of Science and Computing, College of Engineering, College of Arts, and the College of Management and Social Sciences.

Bachelor of Science degrees in data science, Mathematics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Theatre Arts, Business Management, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Accounting, and Data Analytics are among the courses offered by the colleges. financial technology and finance bachelor’s degrees.

Wigwe University offers additional programs such as B.Eng in Computer Engineering (Robotics), BA in Fine Arts and Design, BSc in Film and Media Studies, BA in Animation and Visual Arts, and B.Sc. in Communication and Digital Media Studies.

The university also offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Cybersecurity, Software Engineering, Forensics, and Computer Science.

The Nigerian billionaire served as a significant source of inspiration for many Nigerians, and even after his passing, he remains a source of motivation for numerous young individuals.