Zamfara Govt bans political officers, civil servants from granting radio, TV interviews


The Zamfara State government has prohibited all political office holders and heads of agencies from giving interviews, issuing statements, or participating in radio, television, and social media programs without prior authorization from the appropriate authority.

The government additionally cautioned media outlets operating within the state against organizing or broadcasting any radio or television program without clearance from the Ministry of Information.

Commissioner Mannir Haidara emphasized in a statement that the Ministry of Information is strongly dedicated to overseeing and scrutinizing all radio stations to ensure compliance.

The statement reads: “The Zamfara state government has observed with dismay the attitudes of some individuals, political groups and heads of MDAs towards conducting radio, television stations and social media platforms interviews and programmes on state government’s policies and programmes without following the right channels”.

“In an effort to checkmate the unwanted behaviour, the Zamfara state Ministry of Information and Culture hereby announce that henceforth no political office holder, group or head of any agencies is allowed to conduct any interview, issue statement or air a programme on radio, television stations or social media without seeking a permission from the authority”.

“Moreover, the Ministry of Information and Culture is hereby calling on the media organisations based in the state to desist from conducting or airing any radio or television programmes on government’s policies for any individuals or group of people without the approval of the supervising Ministry or the Ministry of Information“.

“The information ministry is highly committed to observing and monitoring the radio stations for compliance and ensuring that all Information passed to the general public on government and its policies are true and properly disseminated”.