Punctuality, By Olufunso Osuntubo


By Olufunso Osuntubo


“Hello all, sorry, we will start at 12noon”!

What?! A meeting scheduled for 11am? I couldn’t hide my disgust at the announcer at the demo session I went for.

“Why”? I asked, with displeasure written all over my face. “Other people are on their way, let’s give them some time”!

Oh my gosh! I went for a vigil and managed to drag myself out of bed after sleeping for just two hours to get here 11:00 a.m. as scheduled and I’m told to wait because some people who clearly lack discipline, are taking their time?

Time is not just money, it is LIFE. Your time is your life. Don’t let anybody waste your life by wasting your time. You could have had some extra sleep but you didn’t so you could get to that occasion on time; you could have spent some more time with your family but you chose to be punctual for that event and yet your time, your life is being wasted by the undisciplined person(s) whom you have to wait for after you’ve arrived on time. They wouldn’t miss their flight, they wouldn’t get to that interview late but since this is just a meeting, a training, they can get there anytime.

It’s called “African time” in Nigeria. It’s a menace.

Nigerians please let’s wake up.  Let us change our ways. Think about the other person who has woken up early, left the house early just to be punctual only to get there and have to wait for you.

Set the alarm if you need to, go to bed early the night before if need be, pack your things hours before if you must. Think of the other person.

Punctuality is a virtue. It takes discipline.

Olufunso Osuntubo wrote this piece while waiting for others to arrive at a demo session