2019: APC women writes Buhari, decry ‘sidelining in political appointments ‘


The All Progressives Congress (APC) women wing, under the auspices the Concerned Women of All Progressives Congress (aka Caucus of Likeminds), have written to President Muhammadu Buhari, complaining of marginalisation of women by the current government, especially those who worked for the party’s success.

In an open letter to the President by conveners of the group, Miriam Yakubu Ikunaiye and Ayoade Simisola, the women said though they laboured for the success of the party at the risk of losing their families, their contributions have not been appreciated by the government and the party.

They are, however, seeking audience with the President ahead of preparations for the 2019 elections to discuss their plight and solutions found as they are tired of waiting endlessly for their contribution to be recognised.

The statement reads: “We have patiently watched with all humility, the sidelining of Women of intellect and character of our great party, APC in the Political Appointments made till date.

These are women who worked out their hearts and spent their resources, sometimes at the detriment of their families; traveled the length and breadth of this country to get fair deal for the Women and Youths; Justice; good Governance, succor to the Down Trodden; development to our people and dear nation which in turn ushered in the Progressives’ Government and our great Party to where we are today.

Your Excellency, we are women of great capacities, intellect and political sagacity, with huge follower ship across the country, still championing various causes to effect the desired change in our own little ways, but unfortunately, like other great Women of our party, APC whose interests we represent, we are still the unsung heroines of our time!

Unfortunately, we were neither appreciated, nor recognised for our bravery and; we can only wonder when we will be able to further bring our skills, experience and passion for change to bear its full cause in this current administration.

To this effect, and as 2019 approaches, we would appreciate it if we are given an audience with Your Excellency to further express our plights as a caucus.”