Fuel scarcity: Pray to God to save Nigeria from APC’s misrule, Secondus tells Nigerians


The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus on Saturday in a special Christmas message advised Nigerians to use the yuletide to beg God to save the country from the ‘misrule’ of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) especially as the current fuel scarcity bites harder than expected.

Secondus noted that the hardship Nigerians are going through in the last 30 months of the APC administration shows clearly that it was a mistake voting them in.

He said, “The fact that Nigerians cannot see fuel to travel home to see their loved ones during this Christmas even after fuel prize jumped from N87 per liter under PDP administration to N145 under APC shows clearly that they have nothing to offer.

“As Christmas is the marking of the coming of the messiah by christendom, this is the best time to seek God’s intervention to send a leader who would save this country as APC administration has failed the people woefully.”

Secondus said that never in the history of Nigeria has there been this level of disaffection among the people with the government clearly unable to offer solution.

He said, “This Yuletide time is therefore ripe for Nigerians to bury their political, ethnic and religious differences and go on their knees to ask God to save this country from the hands of the APC misrule and clear lack of direction.

“This is the third Christmas Nigerians are marking under the APC government and the indignation in their faces across board shows it all that the people are sad and disappointed.”

Notwithstanding the alleged frustrations, the PDP chairman admonished all Nigerians to use the Christmas period to reflect deeply on the future of democracy in this country and try and use this season to show love to one another and build on those things that unite than divide the country.