Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on Monday, received the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anniken Huitfeldt at the Government House in Ikeja, saying he won his re-election with a landslide.

The governor thanked Lagosians for believing in his administration and giving him the democratic power to run for another four years, commending Huitfeldt for congratulating him on his re-election victory.

“It wasn’t an election in which anybody was in doubt. It was indeed a landslide victory; thanks to every Lagosian for believing in us again and giving us the constitutional and democratic power to run for another four years. We feel very humble,” he said.

“We are happy that at the end of the (gubernatorial) elections, the voice of the people, especially Lagosians was very loud and clear, and they gave us an overwhelming majority.”

He reiterated the state government’s commitment to further develop relationships and build partnerships with the Norwegian Government and companies in the area of energy, infrastructure, and technology to create a thriving economy.

Sanwo-Olu said his government was committed to ensuring clean energy, providing infrastructure, and investments in the technology, health, and educational sectors so that the state could continue to remain resilient.

According to him, the state had been pushing itself to tackle all its challenges, especially the ones that had affected its Gross Domestic Product over the years, and appreciated Lagosians for believing in his administration.

“We have created an economy where investment is real, where there is the ease of doing business, both local and foreign, and they can believe in the stability of the State. Yes, we are sub-national but we want to continue to remain the destination of choice for investors.

“So, we are open to investments in new areas, especially in technology, which is one area, in which we know that all the unicorns have a career in Lagos. We want to become the destination, where people can come and sort resources in terms of the skills that are required,” he added.