Photos of Messi bathing Spain star Lamine Yamal as baby resurface


A heartwarming photos from 2007 has resurfaced, showing a young Lionel Messi posing with baby Lamine Yamal in the Camp Nou dressing room, revealing a surprising connection to one of football’s rising stars.

The baby in the photo, now 16-year-old Yamal, is making headlines for his extraordinary performance at the European Championships.

Messi, then 20 and already on his way to becoming one of football’s greatest players, was photographed holding baby Lamine Yamal during a charity calendar photoshoot for UNICEF.

The photo, taken by freelance photographer Joan Monfort for the Associated Press, came about after Yamal’s family won a raffle in Mataró, their hometown.

“They signed up for the raffle to have their picture taken at the Camp Nou with a Barça player. And they won the raffle,” Monfort explained.

Recalling the photoshoot, Monfort noted the challenges due to Messi’s introverted nature. “Messi is a pretty introverted guy, he’s shy. He was coming out of the locker room and suddenly found himself in another locker room with a plastic tub full of water and a baby in it. It was complicated. He didn’t even know how to hold him at first.”

Fast forward to 2024, and Lamine Yamal has emerged as a sensation at the European Championships.

The Spanish winger’s goal against France in the semi-final not only secured his place in football history but also made him the youngest scorer in the tournament at 16 years and 362 days.

The long-forgotten photo gained renewed attention when Yamal’s father posted it on Instagram with the caption: “The beginning of two legends.” This viral moment brought a sense of nostalgia and excitement to Monfort, who hadn’t realized the baby was Yamal until the photo went viral.

“It’s very exciting to be associated with something that has caused such a sensation,” Monfort said. “To tell you the truth, it’s a very nice feeling.”