Ronaldo orders lawyers to negotiate his exit from Real Madrid


Cristiano Ronaldo has tasked his lawyers with negotiating his exit from Real Madrid, according to new reports in Spain.

Ronaldo The Los Blancos star has apparently been left unhappy since winning his fifth Ballon d’Or last week.

While at the ceremony in Paris, Real president Florentino Perez was asked about whether Neymar could follow in the number seven’s footsteps.

“Being in Madrid would make it easier to win the Ballon d’Or,” Perez confessed.

“Real Madrid is a club which gives all you need as a big player, everyone knows that I already wanted to sign him at one point.”

In the television report, Edu Aguirre reveals: “Well, the situation between Real Madrid and Ronaldo has not only failed to improve, it is worse than ever.

“There has not been a single offer or renewal on the table from Real Madrid for Ronaldo, no offer for Ronaldo. And today, Ronaldo refuses to negotiate any kind of renewal with Real Madrid.”