UEFA sacks data staff following police raid on its office


European football governing body — UEFA — has sacked members of staff in its information and communication technology (ICT) department following a police raid on its
Swiss headquarters.

The public prosecutor in the UEFA office in Nyon, initiated an investigation into members of staff at European football’s governing body and police officers visited the premises in April.

UEFA said in a statement released to the PA news agency that the contracts of the members of staff had been terminated with immediate effect.

“We can confirm that the public prosecutor of the canton of Vaud initiated an investigation against certain activities conducted by former staff members of the UEFA ICT department.

“The investigation is in relation to arrangements with external ICT service providers to the detriment of UEFA, and does not concern the sales of rights or any commercial arrangements with official partners.

“UEFA terminated the employment contracts with the staff concerned with immediate effect.

“Our organisation co-operated immediately and fully with the Swiss authorities when contacted on the matter and will continue to provide every possible assistance to the authorities with their investigation.

“As an injured party, UEFA has constituted itself as a private claimant in the preliminary proceedings.

“We are very satisfied with the way the investigation is conducted by the prosecutor of the canton of Vaud.

“Since the proceedings are still ongoing, we are not able to provide further information for the time being.”