UK-based investor fourth to make bid for Everton


A UK-based investment firm, supported by two ‘western billionaires’, has emerged as the fourth contender in the bid to acquire Everton.

Vici Private Finance initiated discussions with Toffees proprietor Farhad Moshiri earlier this year and has now presented an all-equity proposal, devoid of additional debt obligations.

With proof of substantial cash reserves, estimated at approximately £1bn, Vici demonstrates the capacity to swiftly finalize a deal.

Former Blues director Keith Harris, enlisted by Moshiri to the club’s board in 2016 and departed three years later, is advising Vici. Harris boasts a notable portfolio in providing strategic counsel for football club takeovers, having played a role in Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea acquisition, Randy Lerner’s purchase of Aston Villa, and Shahid Khan’s acquisition of Fulham.

Furthermore, Vici has engaged in discussions with prominent local policymakers regarding initiatives to revitalize the vicinity surrounding Everton’s upcoming stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock, as initially reported by the Times.

Everton’s financial situation has been extensively documented. The club is under pressure to adhere to the Premier League’s profit and sustainability regulations by month’s end, alongside an impending reimbursement to MSP Sports Capital, a US-based entity that extended approximately £158m in loans.

In addition to MSP, local entrepreneurs Andy Bell and George Downing, alongside a consortium linked to a Saudi royal figure, have all submitted bids for the acquisition of Everton.