‘Why African leaders must develop STI’


The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, to intensify efforts at developing science, technology and innovation co-operation within the African region by harnessing the enormous natural resources inherent in Africa, which will culminate into remarkable development for our citizenry.

The minister made the call when he received the Ambassador of Burundi to Nigeria, Emmanuel Mofayokurera in his Office on Wednesday in Abuja.

He urged them to collaborate and work together to find lasting solutions to the problems bedevilling the continent.

Dr. Onu also noted that Science and Technology was crucial to the future of any nation, adding that the collaboration between both countries will make for a better future for the two nations and the world at large.

The Minister also called on African Leaders to help the continent through adequate economic development by embracing Science, Technology and Innovation to reduce poverty and enhance world peace.

He further stated that the Ministry is working assiduously to redirect the Nigerian economy from a resource – base to a knowledge- driven economy, which will be of immense benefit to Nigerians.

Dr Onu said that there are tremendous benefits to tap from the knowledge driven economy, including gainful employment to the youths and professionals, create wealth and grow our economy and reduce poverty in the land.

With a knowledge- based economy, the needs of Nigerians would be met while the country can also export to the international market to earn the much- needed foreign exchange, he said.

He said, “Nigeria cannot be poor as we are blessed with raw materials that everyone in the world requires”.

Earlier in his address, the Burundi Ambassador to Nigeria, Emmanuel Mofayokurera, briefed the Minister of the upcoming convention in Calabar on 30th December, 2017, with the theme “Moving towards resource based economy to knowledge based economy”.

He said he believed that Nigeria is the powerhouse of Africa and with the upcoming convention, it will be a starting point for Africa to arouse the people’s consciousness in the area of Science, Technology and Innovation in the continent.