Arewa group requests that FG obtain hosting rights for AFRIMA 2024


The Arewa Creative Industry Heritage Vanguard has urged the federal government to support the bid to host the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) in northern Nigeria.

The African Union Commission (AUC) invited South Africa and Nigeria to submit bids on May 4th for the hosting rights of the following two seasons.

Though a date for the 2024 edition has not yet been announced, the Arewa group has taken use of the opportunity to promote northern Nigeria as a worthy host region.

The organisation emphasised the importance of presenting Nigeria’s unique cultural legacy in a statement sent on Monday to President Bola Tinubu and Hanatu Musawa, the minister of art, culture, and creative economy.

The group emphasised Tinubu’s African Union recognition as well as his ability to use the occasion to further both cultural and economic goals.

Their plan revolves around the idea of northern Nigeria being a thriving travel destination. They said that by showcasing Abuja, Jos, and Kaduna as viable host cities, they will promote inclusivity and increase the region’s visibility globally.

The group also said hosting the ceremony in Nigeria will open the country up to reshape perceptions, attract tourism, and stimulate foreign investment.

They added that it will serve as a catalyst for addressing regional challenges, including insecurity, by promoting peace and nurturing local talent.

“This should motivate the president to intensify efforts to secure the hosting right having experience the creative power and the global influence of AFRIMA personally,” the statement reads.

“Nigeria stands a chance of benefiting the most, and we in the North hope to tap into the inherent benefits as against the past practice of marginalization where such international events are preserved for the exclusive experience of the southern part of Nigeria.

“Hosting an AFRIMA by this government provides an appropriate platform for the Tinubu Administration to establish itself as a creative industry supporting the government as well as engendering positive perception and image for Nigeria to attract tourism and foreign direct investment.

“We believe that Northern Nigeria has the potential to become a tourism hub, and hosting events like this can help mitigate the effect of insecurity in our region.”

AFRIMA, renowned for its celebration of African musical talent and creativity, has captivated audiences since its inception in 2014.