Ayra Starr speaks up about her relationship status


Nigerian artist Ayra Starr recently opened out about her relationship life and disclosed that she isn’t dating anyone.

The singer, who is 21 years old, stated that she hoped to find love soon.

Ayra Starr acknowledged that she had accidentally harmed a few people in the past.

During a recent conversation with Angela Yee, Starr clarified:

“I am not in love yet but [I will be] soon. I have broken a few hearts. Not on purpose, though. In case I’ve broken anybody’s heart, it has not been on purpose.”

In another story, Ayra Starr opens up on how she felt discovering Rihanna knew who she was.

The 21-year-old ‘Sabi’ crooner revealed that she was surprised that the Barbadian queen of R&B music knew who she was.

Speaking during a recent chat with BuzzFeed, Ayra Starr reiterated that her favourite and biggest celeb is Rihanna.

Recounting the experience, she expressed excitement at having a chance to interact with Rihanna and described it as ‘amazing’.

Ayra said;

“My biggest celeb story is Rihanna. I met Rihanna about two weeks ago. I went to the Authentic Woman event in London. It was amazing; I got to meet Rihanna. Do you know how craazy that is? And she loves me, she knew me that was the most amazing part of it. She knew me. It was so amazing.”

Meanwhile the Mavin Records signee is about to have her dream become reality as Rihanna offered to collaborate with her.

Ayra Starr, who refers to Rihanna as her role model, has been very vocal about her desire to work with the ‘Umbrella’ hit-maker.

The duo recently met at Rihanna’s Fenty event, and it was the Barbadian songstress who first told the Nigerian musician that she would like a verse from her.