How Davido helped me resolve problem I had with Emmanuella – Mark Angel opens up


The well-known Nigerian comedian Mark Angel recently made an intriguing disclosure about how celebrity Top Nigerian artist Davido stepped in to help his 13-year-old comedienne protégé Emanuella Samuel overcome a serious problem.

In an exclusive interview with Music Base Africa, Mark Angel described in detail the commotion sparked by Emmanuella’s outfit selection, which quickly propelled her into the centre of a heated debate on social media with the controversial hashtag “She is 13.”

The comedian claims that after giving Emmanuella a hard time and pushing her to show off her sexy clothes, she chose to ignore him and keep dressed sensually.

Mark Angel mentioned that later on, Davido took the time to reach out to Emmanuella via phone, expressed his thoughts on the importance of her dressing appropriately and maintaining a decent appearance.

He stated that Emmanuella experienced a dramatic change and decided not to wear skimpy clothing, demonstrating how powerful Davido’s influence was.

In closing, Mark Angel expressed his shock and disclosed that, after receiving Davido’s call, Emmanuella had taken the extreme measure of burning all of her skimpy attire.

His words;

“Davido helped me overcome a potential problem that already seemed inevitable. Emmanuella is growing up and like every girl child, she has started making some personal decisions about her life which aren’t too easy to control.

“There was a time she was under fire for putting on revealing outfits and posting on social media. I advised her the change her entire wardrobe but she was a bit adamant.

“She continued doing things her way until Uncle Davido called us on video call and advised Emmanuella on the importance of decency. Emmanuella quickly took the advise… probably because it came from her favorite artiste haha.

“She actually burnt most of her clothes the next day. I was surprised. Still thankful to Davido”