I don’t like my wife sometimes – Nollywood Actor


The actor Akah Nnani has shared details about his marriage to Claire Nnani, saying that love, not lust or fleeting emotions, is the foundation of their union.

During an interview with Toke Makinwa for her programme “Toke Moments,” Akah revealed that although he and his spouse don’t always get along, their love for one another keeps them united.

He underlined that love is a complicated thing that necessitates embracing and respecting all of your partner’s shortcomings, including their “demons.”

In Akah Nnani’s words:

“People marry for the wrong reasons everytime. I will say love because there are moments and certain periods of time I don’t like my wife, it has happened. And there are periods when she doesn’t like me because it is the love that keeps us.

“Love is complicated, you have to love somebody’s demons. That is why it is love”.

Claire Idera and Akah Nnani got engaged on January 29, 2019. On April 8, 2019, they both had their customary engagement, and on April 12, 2019, they were married.

Chizaram Gabrielle Eriife Amaris Nnani, their first daughter, is welcomed by the couple on February 8, 2021.

The reason Akah Nnani is not as frequently featured in films as his peers was disclosed in 2022.

The Nollywood star said that he is quite selective about the roles that he takes, which is why his face isn’t always on TV.

While chatting with Midweek Entertainment, Akah Nnani said it is intentional for him to determine the type of movies he acts in, adding that as someone who uses his talent to entertain people, he prefers to be diverse instead of being trapped in a box.