Why I took a break from my online ministry – Yul Edochie


Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has stated that he took a break from his online ministry to prepare for God’s mission.

Yul claimed that God had revealed a lot to him during his hiatus in a post on his Instagram page.

He pledged to reveal information and instruct his followers in defending themselves against hostile entities.

He believes that neither religion nor prayer can save anyone.

“Religion will not save us. Prayer is not enough. That is why we have thousands of churches springing up every day, yet evil persists. I took a break from my ministry so I could prepare myself spiritually for God’s work. During that time, God took me on a journey and revealed so much to me.

“Don’t miss our live broadcast this Sunday. I will expose many secrets and teach you how you can protect yourself from the evil plans of the devil, which are spreading rapidly.”

Recall that, Yul Edochie urged his fellow Nigerians to value and preserve their rituals in an effort to inspire them to respect their heritage.

Yul Edochie begs Nigerians to desist from demolishing holy temples on his Instagram page, emphasising that gods are not to be feared or associated with evil.

Yul Edochie emphasized the significance of accepting tradition and culture, saying that doing so lays the groundwork for freedom from all forms of slavery.

“Deities are not evil; Nigerians should desist from burning shrines and traditional deities.

“It was the white man that convinced people to believe their traditions are evil; the ploy was to make us abandon our ways and embrace theirs so as to make slavery easy.

“Nigerians need to wake up and start embracing their traditions and culture; many deities acknowledge God Almighty.

Burning them could bring perpetual trouble. If you don’t understand something, leave it. If it is not disturbing you, don’t disturb it,”he said.