I lost myself after my mother’s death – Wizkid breaks silence


Nigerian superstar Ayo Balogun, widely recognized as Wizkid, shared that he has undergone significant changes since the passing of his mother.

Addressing concerns raised by his fans regarding his recent appearance at an event, Afrobeats star Ayo Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, made a revelation about the impact of his mother’s death on his life.

The talented singer reportedly attended the UK premiere of “Bob Marley: One Love” in London, and online videos of the performance surfaced, depicting him in a seemingly somber mood.

Responding to the reactions on his Instagram Story @wizkid, Wizkid acknowledged the concerns about his appearance, stating that he has felt disoriented in life since his mother’s passing.

He described a sense of detachment from himself due to her absence and expressed optimism about regaining his usual self in the future.

He expressed gratitude for his dedicated fans supporting him through this challenging phase.

Taking to his Instagram story, he wrote, “Look in the mirror; don’t feel myself. Mama left me, and I lost myself.

“I can’t wait to feel myself again! Life of a soldier! Military with it! Until then, I’ll dey slap away for free so leave me.

“And I’m thankful y’all going through this phase with me. U seen me at my lowest now. When u see me back on my high no complain. Expensive.”