“I’m Africa’s biggest actor,”- Zubby Michael counters Timini Egbuson


Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael has responded to his colleague, Timini Egbuson’s assertions that he is the biggest actor in Africa.

In the first episode of the original reality series “Ebuka Turns Up Africa” on Prime Video, the two got into a furious argument about who the greatest actor in Africa is.

Michael, a coworker, took offence when Egbuson boasted that he was the biggest actor from Africa when he was presenting gifts to other show stars.

He said, “I was coming from Paris and we had to do this thing in the festivals, obviously being the best actor in Africa…I have been acting for about 13 years now and I’ve won awards. I’ve done everything basically and I believe I am the best.”

Michael inferred, “Stop f**king playing, he’s kidding. It’s not coming from a place of pride but I’m the biggest actor in Africa.”

He continued, “Let me tell you why I’m bigger than Timini, if Timini crosses Shagamu, nobody knows him and I’m not abusing you. Your fame ends in Lekki but I’ve conquered the YouTube market, the DVD market, and now cinemas.”

Timini Interjected saying, “You literally act the same character in every movie my bro. How can you be bigger than me?”

To which Michael said, “Again, it’s not coming from a place of pride o, but I can buy Timini.”

Enraged, Timini retorted, telling Michael that he did not know enough about him to make such a statement.

Recall that Tinimi Egbuson once declared himself as the biggest actor in Africa.

Egbuson refers to his 15 years of experience in the Nigerian film industry as one of the reasons he can boldly declare himself the best. I genuinely believe if you put everything that I have done and everything that I have been able to accomplish, I believe that I’m the biggest actor in Africa,” he expressed.